You’ve got to listen to “SEKRET” by RONELA HAJATI

By: Bardh Krasniqi

Back in December 2021, Ronela Hajati emerged victorious at the 60th edition of Festival i Këngës with her bop “Sekret” and, with it, the opportunity to raise the Albanian flag at the Eurovision Song Contest across the Adriatic Sea in Turin, Italy. As is common for Albania, the song has undergone a refresh ahead of Eurovision. Having flown to the UK’s capital, London, to record the ultimate version, she previously teased details and did indeed create high anticipation for it. At long last, the wait is over and Ronela just dropped her final version.

Ronela’s performance at Festivali i Këngës might not have been pitch perfect yet, but it does show off her potential as a performer. Built around warrior sentiments, her staging was absolutely catchy and can definitely help to make the song stand out visually in Turin. The Pop Diva evinced the scale of her ambition yet again by confirming that her performance will go in a totally different direction to her earlier stage shows. Even though she teamed up with noted Albanian choreographer Klaudia Pepa for her Eurovision journey. We are convinced that it’s going to be marvellous.

Ronela displaying the Kuçedra, a mythical half serpent and half woman creature from Illyrian mythology.

It isn’t often that a pop star releases a visual that aligns so well with ancient legends. But that’s exactly what Ronela did in “Sekret”s appealing music video, taking us on some marvellous adventures through a mythological universe. It hosts both a sensual Ronela and a representation of her inner divine. The story dives into a situation where forbidden love must be hidden behind closed doors and not be seen in public. It is a striking tribute to Albanian mythology and incorporates various elements from both ancient Illyrian and modern Albanian culture. The clip sees Ronela shifting between different characters, on the one hand, as a personification of Albania’s iconic river Vjosa, as well as the ancient multi-headed demonic serpent-like Kuçedra, and on the other hand, as the Princess of Argjiro.

Ronela giving us ancient high-fashion vibes

“Sekret” blends a fusion of Albanian folk, Brazilian funk, moombahton, and reggaeton with Albanian and Caribbean instrumentals to keep with the song’s varying nature and deliver a modern take on ancient history. Its polyglot lyrics outline a story of an intensely satisfyingly tale of a forbidden love and Ronela’s intense longing for the sexual desire of her love interest to be fulfilled: “Po vjen djali nga malet, Then he came and I find it/ Hey, I will never regret, You will be my secret/ Baby, feel my body, Toca toca lo, I like it”.

Hail to the Queen

Ronela will be performing in the first half of the First-Semi Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022. What are you expecting from the the new version of “Sekret”?

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