Listen to DAFINA’s homage to Albanian culture on “MILLION $”

By: Arbër Berishaj

Dafina’s role as one of our generation’s biggest hitmakers is indisputable. Everything she touches turns to gold. On “Million $”, Dafina enters a smashing universe where her sound is inspired by Albanian folk and her energy is honed in on heating up the dance floor. The track starts with a fancy ensemble of young Albanian-dressed women, playing the tambourine, known in Albanian as a Def or Daire. The pop track switches then into an R&B and trap-inspired bop, detailing Dafina’s experiences with money and wealth. Her songs have spoken about a number of concepts, including women empowerment and patriarchy, throughout her long career. The high-energy anthem pays tribute to the self-sufficient, self-motivated, and self-made women who make their own money and choices, not needing anybody to fulfill their desires. The song is all about giving some motivation to the women out there and we live for that.

Marriage among Albanians was always considered holy and important. In the music video for the track, Dafina brings traditional Albanian bridal themes into a contemporary context. You’ll see her as an exceptional Albanian bride in front of a traditional villa, while wearing a bridal gown, as well as a handcrafted Dallama or a sexy short two-piece suit above a washing machine. Iconic.

Enjoy the marvelous clip above.

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