Alban Ramosaj has gradually established himself in the Albanian musical industry. He’s striking, sexy, passionate and full of art. He’s definitely someone to keep watching, especially since his latest releases, and with his dedication and gorgeous vocals, he will surely continue.

Alban came to widespread attention across the Albanian-speaking territories when he won the 2021 Kënga Magjike back in May 2021. He clinched victory with his song “Thikat e mia” in the final round of voting from the juries, participants and the public. Alban has been hotly tipped as favourites to win Kënga Magjike and when the winning result was announced the singer ran off the stage and cried from pure happiness with the trophy on his hands. “Thikat e mia” is just fantastic. It incorporates Albanian folk, Spanish flamenco and Mediterranean pop, but also the style of Albanian ballads. You can’t deny how romantic and beautiful the Albanian language is. The lyrics tell Alban’s story of a desperate romance, which he experienced in the sunny Spain. He sings about love, intimacy and lovesickness.

The visual of Alban’s performance accompanies the track well, with the Mediterranean setting emphasising the lyrics of the song. While performing, you see him singing against a stunning LED screen. The imagery is of Andalusian architecture, with a red and orange sky surrounding him; It somehow reminds to the romantic Court of the Lions in the Alhambra Palace in Granada. What really stands out is the LED, traditional lighting, and background singers and instrumentalists as together they create an almost Andalusian atmosphere that is hard to look away from.

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