MOZZIK unveils second album ‘LAMBOZIKI’

Hip hop and R&B superstar Mozzik’s second studio album Lamboziki is finally out. His fans are overfilled with joy, with many taking to social media platforms to celebrate Lamboziki. Coming in at 44 minutes, Mozzik’s anticipated album boasts an Elvana Gjata and Noizy feature, as well as appearances by his brother rapper Getinjo. It was teased to be premiered back in October 2021, so anticipation for it had a long time to accumulate. In the meantime, fans were gifted three singles since then, all of which became smash hits among his community. The record boasts hip hop, R&B and Albanian pop music. Most of the lyrics are in Mozzik’s native tongue, Albanian. There are also lines in English, French, and German throughout.

Lamboziki is an allusion to the Italian luxury brand Lamborghini. His pen name can be applied everywhere. So cool! The cover is also inspired by Lamborghini’s logo. It was revealed via Mozzik’s Instagram in mid-October 2021. The track listing followed in early February 2022 before its ultimate release.

1. Mozzik x Noizy – “BONJOUR MADAME”

“Bonjour Madame” featuring Albanian rapper Noizy was the opening track released from Lamboziki. The French-titled Albanian-language urban and R&B track is both sensual and super fresh at the same time. It is one of those tracks that grows on you after hearing it multiple times. It has been clearly devoted to functioning as the record’s catchy hit. We understand why it is the first track on the record. It connects well as they rap about a desire to get the attention of an independent woman focused on lust and passion. The music video fits perfectly with the sounds of “Bonjour Madame”. The relatively dark-themed video sees Mozzik wearing identified pieces from Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga. Noizy’s scenes are just striking and a feast for the eyes. He gives us sexiness and coolness.

2. Mozzik – “SHKO”

The official second single from the album Lamboziki has a different vibe. In this video game-inspired clip, Mozzik explores a wealth of retro styles, all of which are worth checking out. The stunning clip pays a vibrant tribute to science-fiction, cyberpunk and retro-futurism, all spiced up with some synthwave influences. The beautiful scenery of the night drive in the video perfectly matches the aesthetic of aging explored by the track’s lyrics. As for the track itself, “Shko” mixes Albanian pop, rock hints, and funk elements. It’s about a complicated relationship with a neglectful and selfish romantic partner. It really gave us a different Mozzik, a Mozzik that we’ve never seen before. “Shko” is just a banger.

3. Mozzik and Elvana Gjata – “SKA”

We have to admit, “Ska” is our favourite. It is a soulful urban and R&B track seasoned by a contemporary flow. Its meaningful Albanian lyrics draw inspiration from a difficult and toxic relationship. “Ska” also boasts a message of self-love and empowerment. It’s an inspirational anthem. No matter what happens in life, be good to people, as Elvana effortlessly sings about. She packs a tonne of emotion into this song, truly meaning every single word of this song. Mozzik simply knows how to compose.

Also worth a mention are Mozzik’s “HOTEL” and “A PO RRIN”. Mozzik’s harmonious singing tones infuse the lyrics of “Hotel” with haunting flavors, at once somehow nostalgic and melancholic. The infectious hip hop-R&B track delves deep into the mind of a heartbroken man coming into his own.

A similar track, “A PO RRIN” could be an extension of “Hotel”. The emotional retro-pop anthem highlights the battle of the end of his relationship with Loredana. It captures his reflection, pain, and gratitude for their wonderful daughter, Hana. This sounds like a throwback to the Albanian bangers of the 2000’s.

Mozzik follows his usual recipe. Overall, we feel that the track order manages to tell a complete story from start to finish. We have to admit that Mozzik’s second album is another brilliant collection of tracks that we fully support. We are still awaiting more music videos and various other surprises. It’s a solid record showcasing Mozzik’s versatility, diving into different genres. We love the R&B sounds, appreciate the Albanian pop incorporations and enjoy his passion for hip hop. It’s a hybrid of all of them. Good job, Mozzik!

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