DAFINA’s emotional “MOS SHKO” ft. YLL LIMANI

Once Dafina Zeqiri and Yll Limani started teasing a collaborative track, it was bound to be a hit. Two of the most promising popstars in the Albanian music industry linked up for their hypnotizing anthem “Mos shko”. Luckily for us, it is an absolute classic from the duo, built around their enticing vocals, with a tinge of sadness and hope to be entirely fresh. The track starts with smooth R&B sounds before proceeding into a catchy electro-pop-influenced groove.

Dafina giving us ancient Illyrian vibes

The appealing music video kicks off with a graceful interpretive performance by Dafina and her accompanying dancers. She looks like a marvelous ancient Illyrian goddess, expressing her deep pain, fighting, and internal struggle that inevitably comes along with a break-up. Meanwhile, at some points, you see Dafina and Ylli sensually performing in front of a mirror at the same time, symbolizing the bond they once had. It is absolutely fancy!

“Mos shko” is paired with a clean and stunning visual.

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